Yiddish Jokes  and Humor

There's nothing like an old Yiddish joke!


Two yidn in Shul

Two yidn are in Shul and they are "davening "

But one of them is looking towards the womens'
sector ,because he saw there a woman that is very attractive.

The other yid says :

Kuk nisht tzu di froien . Dafst davenen .

The other returns to the prayer , but after a while he looks back towards the woman.

His friend is mad at him , and says :

Kuk nisht tzu di froien . HAINT IZ YOM KIPPER!

Then the other answers :

Bai mir in di oizn iz haint SIMCHES TOIRE!

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That was funny! But having parents who spoke Yiddish around the house when I was a kid, I know that ANYTHING spoken in Yiddish is always going to be funnier! 

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