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There's nothing like an old Yiddish joke!


Baby Powder

A n old lady who speaks no English, only Yiddish, goes into a department store looking to buy some baby powder. She can't find any -

but suddenly spots a sales clerk wearing a kippa. "Yunger mann, kum aher" she calls ."Vu fint m'n der bebbe pooder? "

The sales clerk responds --"Ich vil ihr veizen vu tsu geyen - ober ihr muz geyen punkt azoy vi ich key , nor vi ich gey - nisht andres. Kum noch mir un ich vil ihr veisen vu tsu geyen." And he starts down the aisle with the old lady following. him.

Now -- this clerk happens to be very bow-legged, very noticeably bow-legged.

When the old lady spots his bowed legs, she lets out a g'shrey -- "Ven ich ken azoy geyen, volt ich nisht ge'daft kein bebbe pooder! "



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That was funny! But having parents who spoke Yiddish around the house when I was a kid, I know that ANYTHING spoken in Yiddish is always going to be funnier! 

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