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 LEO FULD " The king of yiddish songs"

l)Abraham Tuschinski- empresario- impresario
2) Jews in The Netherlands 1940s Westerbork
3) Mazel- New York 1940
4) Leo Fuld

"Abraham Icek Tuschinski (Brzeziny (near Łódź), May 14, 1886 - Auschwitz, September 17, 1942) was a Dutch businessman of Jewish-Polish descent who built the Tuschinski Theater, a famed cinema in Amsterdam.

While emigrating to the United States in 1903 Tuschinski decided to remain in Rotterdam. He found success as a movie theatre owner, opening his first four cinemas in 1911: the Thalia, Cinema Royal, Scala and Olympia. His most luxurious cinema in Rotterdam, the Grand Theater, opened in 1928.

His crowning achievement, the Tuschinski Theater, opened its doors in Amsterdam on October 28, 1921. The unique design of this building was a mix of three modern styles: Amsterdamse School, Art Deco and Jugendstil. The elaborate exterior and opulent, richly decorated interior were restored to their former glory in 1998-2002. Tuschinksy also opened another famed Amsterdam cinema, the Roxy Theater, in 1928.


   Vi iz dus geseleh? - yiddish song- The Barry Sisters 

"Vi iz dus geseleh?" ("Where is the
Village?- english title)-sung in
yiddish and english.
Original sound.

"Vi iz dus gesele, vi iz di shtib?
Vi iz dus yingale, vemen kh'hob lib?
Ot iz dus gesele, ot iz di shtib,
Ot iz dus yingale, vemen kh'hob lib.

Where is the village, the place of my youth?
Where is the boy who kissed me with a truth?
Where are the young hearts that sang unafraid?
Where are the visions and where have they strayed?"

Vi iz dos geseleh from the Musical "Mashe, oder Margarita"
Ros. no. 10677
Copr. no. E637791; Mar. 1/May 15, 1926
Lyr.: Israel Rosenberg
Prop./pub.: Samuel Secunda; Hopkinson Theater
Piano and voice.VI IZ DUS GESELEH? "Where is the little street (where you live)" from "Mashe or Margarita (heroine's both names)."


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